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What is Pack Wars?

One of the most frequently asked questions at The Bullpen is What is Pack Wars? Followed by, how do you play, and how can I win some of those prizes?

Well here is a copy of an email exchange with a customer that wanted to know those very answers, as well as his follow up after he gave pack wars a try. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.
 My name is Danny and I have never been to a pack war. 
How does it work?  I attended the Bingo and loved it. 
I took home the Derek Jeter PT Cruiser. 
Thanks alot, love the store.                 Danny
Hi Danny,
    Glad to hear you had fun at bingo, here is how pack wars works.
We battle for 25 rounds. First round and last round are free,
in between it costs 1 or 2 dollars per pack. You can play as many or
as few rounds as you like, so if you are working with a budget,
you can control  your spending. If you were to play one pack in every
round you would spend about $25, but we have some people that spend
as little as $5. And you can try it for free by just playing the first
and last rounds(the free rounds). Each round we tell you what the pack
is we are using and how much it costs, then after everybody has their
packs we all open them up and I call out a statistic that will be
listed on the back of the card. For example, if we are doing football
I might call out most passing yards in a career. Everybody starts
calling out their best cards and whoever ends up with the card that
has the highest is the winner for that round and they fill out a ticket
to be drawn for prizes at the end. We do this for 25 rounds,
alternating from sport to sport, we use baseball, football,basketball,
and the occasional round of hockey and racing, but mostly the other
three. At the end of the night I start pulling tickets out of the box,
first ticket gets first pick out of the prize showcase, second ticket
gets second pick, etc... until I have given away all of the prizes.
I believe we have 51 prizes this time. We also play another game
throughout the night called price challenge, about 12 times during the
night I will announce that the winner of this round goes to price
challenge. If you win that round in addition to your ticket in the
drawing you get to pick a price challenge envelope. There is a card
inside, we will show you the card and if you can guess within 10%
what the card lists for in Beckett then the card is yours, free.
If you don't win it but you want to buy it you can buy it at half of
beckett price, but you don't have to, just an option, some of them
are really sweet cards and well worth the half price.
    Anyway, that is a basic rundown on Pack Wars, I hope it made sense
to you, if you have any more questions, please feel free to email again
or to call me at the store. I hope to see you there. Steve

Hey Steve,
 Just wanted to say that I loved pack wars.  It was only my second one
but you have found a customer for life.  My Pete Rose autograph
looks great in my office on my wall of autographs. 
Love the website, keep it up.                Danny

If you have more questions, send mail