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Report Card Rewards
What is Pack Wars?

The Bullpen, where good grades or hard work equals free cards.

Report Card Rewards
We want to reward students with good grades and especially students that work hard to bring their grades up. So bring your most recent report card to The Bullpen. For every A or for every grade that goes up a letter grade, you will earn 1 Bullpen Buck.
For example, bring a C up to a B = 1 Buck, bring a C up to an A = 3 Bucks. You can earn up to a maximum of 5 Bullpen Bucks per grading period. Bullpen Bucks are used to match your dollars, so if you earn 4 Bullpen Bucks you spend 4 of your dollars and get 8 dollars worth of cards. Pretty cool, huh. So, study hard and earn those Bucks.

Call or email if you have questions