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What is Pack Wars?

This page presents our philosophy, history, and people.

Our company philosophy is very straightforward. We will provide a store that is Fun, Friendly, Fair, Fully stocked, and Family oriented. The bottom line is we strive to be sure you enjoy your experience with us. You will be able to find what you are looking for, you will be treated right, you will have fun, and you will not be afraid to bring the whole family.

Our Company History:


Jon a.k.a. J. wo
Store Manager

Jon (above) is our store manager. I started to list his traits but it sounded like the Boy Scout pledge, you know, trustworthy, loyal, helpful etc., yeah, that pledge. But seriously, Jon has proven to be honest, hard working, very customer friendly, and extremely product knowledgeable. He also has a great memory for customer names and what they collect, so if you ask Jon to look for something for you, he will remember, and he'll probably find it for you. So, stop in the store and introduce yourself and talk about the hobby, he knows more about this hobby than most men twice his age.

Steve a.k.a. Bull Diddy

Steve is our founding father and even though he owns the company, he is not the boss. He recognizes that the customer is the boss, so he listens to the customers and his store manager for input on ALL business decisions. After all the company is nothing without the customers. If you have a suggestion, or a problem, or are just concerned about an issue in our hobby, Please email me at I assure you I will listen and look into it for you.

To see what we carry and what the store looks like, click "Store Tour"